Nov 11

What to Feed Fido....A Matter of Trust

Do you ever find a product or a company that you really love? That you would use for almost everything for your dogs (their food, their grooming products, etc) if it fit your budget? And even if it doesn't fit your budget, then you still recommend it to others and use it when you CAN afford it?

That's the way I feel about all of the Wysong dog food, supplements and other products I have ever tried through the years. Years before everyone else got on the "holistic food" or raw food bandwagons, Dr. Wysong was publishing materials stating that there was no such thing as dry dog food that was "completely balanced", that there was no way anyone, or any dog, could eat the exact same thing, day after day (no matter how healthy the ingredients) and remain in a state of optimal health. Even for his own customers, he advocated rotating between the varieties of dog foods his company made (when you really need the convenience of a commercial food)  but he stressed that fresh ingredients from your kitchen were the things your dog's body truly craved.  What kind of a sales pitch was THAT?  His first video was on VHS, and I remember playing it over and over, being totally amazed when he was interviewed--shocked that he talked about things other than just feeding commercial dog food, even though he owned a pet food company!  And back in those days (the 90s) it was unheard of to say you should ever SWITCH your dog's food, much less rotate it just on general principle! Any veterinarian would, at that time, almost guarantee that this was a recipe for an automatic case of stomach upset. Yet when I ordered a box that included 8 pound bags of all the different varieties of Wysong food available at that time, I found my house dogs did just fine with variety.  Standard Poodle can be very picky, but they are usually thrilled to eat something new! Not only did their tummies not get upset when I would switch from one variety of Wysong to another, but they also did not have upset tummies when I gave them things like apple slices, lightly boiled ground turkey, carrots and....don't panic, even raw meaty bones from time to time.

Dr. Wysong also does not hesitate to debunk common myths, such as that soy or beet pulp in the ingredient list is always bad (it is not) or that "grain free" foods are always healthy (ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE....some of the most expensive dry food marketed as grain free are actually full of starch, having potatoes as their second ingredient!) I remember trying Evo Red Meat for one of my show dogs that needed to gain weight quickly...he gained weight but also developed a very intense ear infection within less than a week of being on that food. I don't think his body was developed to handle high amounts of starch...that particular dog did much better on a more medium prized brand of food that included some grain but omitted the starch.

I am currently feeding 7 dogs and 3 cats (and it is not uncommon to have an extra foster dog or two on top of this number) so I do have to keep the budget in mind when planning my pets' diets.  But today I bit the bullet and decided that shipping costs or no, my Poodle Kate needs to get back on Wysong products, so that now that she is older and her bloodwork keeps showing odd things popping up, I can make sure what I am feeding her is contributing to, as opposed to ever hurting, her overall health. In addition to giving her healthy food from the kitchen, when I do give her commercial food, I want to know I am feeding her something from a company I trust. And I trust Wysong.  Period.  If you take some time to read through their educational materials, and try a few of their products (which range all the way from regular maintenance dry food diets to dehydrated pure meat diets, I bet you willl feel the same.  Have a special needs dog?  Another great benefit to Wysong is that their website even has a place where you can enter information about your dog (for example, if your dog is prone to skin issues, or has a sensitive tummy) and they will give you recommendations.

Wysong has given me permission to post the information they send out in their free newsletter. Click Truth 44 below to read this week's post from Wysong:






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