Oct 12

The Magic Sit Button

Just a very quick post...quite often people ask me the best way to teach their dog certain exercises WITHOUT treats.  This quick You Tube video shows a very easy way to teach even an adult dog who has been taught NOT to sit (show dogs are taught to stand, not sit) how to sit without treats.  At the end of the video, you will also hear a tip or two regarding the use of treats, in case you wish to incorporate them as a reward, but it will be obvious in this video that with this particular dog, treats get her over-excited, and she learned the sit much easier by simply using the "magic sit button".

Meet "Ewok:


Ewok is a very sweet older Siberian who is enjoying her retirement years here with us at Meja.  Many thanks to her breeder, Marie Kraus, for sharing Ewok with us. She is my son's favorite, because she is one of the few Siberians we have ever owned who loves to retrieve balls and she loves water, will even go after a ball at the bottom of a doggie swimming pool, as if she were playing bobbing for apples!

Please forgive the quality of the video, this was made sometime ago.  I hope soon to have some short training videos to insert in all of the training articles, or to use in answering email inquiries--it is usually easier to understand dog training when you can "see" it, versus just reading it.

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