Nov 11

Meja's Bartles & Jaymes (Bart)

Memories of Our Boy Bart

Meja's Bartles & Jaymes, "Bart", was a sweet boy who was bred by Fain Zimmermain, co-bred by Melanie Babb (Schlaginhaufen).  This is the first photo Fain sent of us of Bart, at age 5 weeks (notice one of his precious female littermates is in the background). What a little chunk!

Even as a youngster in his kennel run, we thought this son of Ch. Sunset Hill's Indiana Jones was the cutest thing we had ever seen, so we said, yes, we want that one to come live at Meja!  We drove from NC to WV when he was old enough to leave, and Bart never left us throughout his life.

Here is a photo of me holding Bart as a pup, was that a cute face or what?

I had shown Bart a few times at fun matches and he did well, and when he was six months old, Bart was shown in Charleston, West Virginia at his first AKC show where he took his first point. Sadly, just a short time later, Bart was chasing a playmate across the yard and slid on this deck (in photo above) and tore his ACL.  He came through his knee surgery just fine, although he hated being crated for two months!

When he recovered, his rear movement was never the same, which was disappointing since he was a very sound moving puppy and we hoped to show him. But things happen, so Bart was neutered and lived out his life with us as a beloved pet.  I believe he was about 12 1/2 in this photo take with his best buddy, my husband Rick (excuse my lack of editing skills, I had written on the photo, found this photo when going through old albums recently):

Bart continued to be the "boss of the dog yard" until his death at age 13 1/2 from throat cancer. He was a strong and happy fellow until just days before we lost him.  Our favorite memories of Bart are of taking him to Belews Creek Lake near Greensboro, where he and his Dad, "Indy", would swim out to Rick and then climb up on the wind surfing board and float around in the lake, just for fun.  We had an old station wagon then that we used for dog outings, one of the type with wooden decor on the sides, anyone remember those?  When Bart and Indy, as youngsters at Rick's house, would hear that station wagon start up, they would get all excited and run right to the privacy fence gate, because it meant that Mom and Dad had taken the afternoon off and we were all headed to the lake!

I hope to find those lake photos soon so I can add this to Bart's memory page.  A photo of Indy on the windsurfing board made the front of the International Siberian Husky Club's magazine back in the late 80s, and I still have a copy but I don't think it would scan too well.

Miss you Mr. Bart, but we know we will see you again someday!  I hope you are not digging up the flower beds in heaven, but if you are, no worries, I'm sure God can make some more!  Swimming and digging, those were Bart's favorite things, next to riding shotgun in the station wagon with Dad.




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