Nov 11

Ch. Royal Star's Favor the Bold "Garak"

Just giving a shout out to one of my favorite boys, since he came for a visit today!!  Robin, you know we can always had more photos to his spot here on the blog if you take a new favorite now that he is getting older.

Words simply cannot express the sweet temperament of this dog!  Garak finished his championship early in life, being expertly shown by Tom Kraus and coming away with honors such as winning his class at the National Specialty. When he was 3 or so, he came to live with Melanie during the years that she and Marie Kraus (Royal Star Siberians) were co-owning a Martin granddaughter, Trophy. Melanie took Garak so that Marie had room to take Trophy (Ch. Royal Star's Apostrophe Ess) back to finish her championship and be bred at Royal Star.  Here is a picture of Tom taking Garak for a spin around the ring at one of the National specialties.

Eventually Garak went back to Marie for the honor of siring one litter of puppies with Trophy (Garak's one and only litter). When he was ready for his retirement from showing and breeding, it just happened that Robin and Jon were looking for a companion for Allie, so Melanie mentioned Garak. He had been a kennel dog at Melanie's and at Marie's but both of them thought he might make a wonderful companion in the house, as long as he could learn not to lift his leg!  Long story short, Garak went to Robin and Jon's and had only a couple of accidents and has been a perfect housedog ever since. Garak is so anxious to please that once it was explained that leg lifting is for trees, not couches, he immediately understood, as he was soooo happy in the house he was not going to do anything to get kicked out!  His motto is "I live in the house because I am special!"  Actually, despite his breed, Garak favorite past time is snuggling in the bed, not romping in the snow. Melanie still cannot figure out how Robin and Jon have room to sleep with Garak and Allie hogging the bed every night!

In the photo above, Garak is giving his "hey, forgot something? I'm ready to come back in!" look.  Although we are glad that Garak has the much deserved title of championship from his early years in the ring, all of us know that this sweet boy was designed to be the world's greatest couch potato and that he is!  Robin and Jon spend a lot of time taking Garak and Allie to the park for long walks, even to the beach several times a year to keep him in shape in his older years since he does not have the hyperactive silliness that so many Siberians have--Garak says there is no need to run laps unless he is busy playing with Allie.

We have loved seeing photos of the Garak/Trophy boys, including the beautiful "Jaxon" (Royal Star Going to Jax-son), owned and shown by Sandy Jessop of Tennessee.

Garak is a very special dog, and we hope that the bloodlines that produced such a handsome and sweet boy will always be preserved.  Garak not only looks like a gorgeous teddy bear but he loves to be cuddled like one!  We love you Garak!  Many thanks to Royal Star for sharing him with Meja.

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