Nov 11

Ch. Synama's Dakota

When Dakota was around 2 years old, Melanie got a call from her friend Patty Powell at Synama Siberians. Dakota needed a new home, and Melanie was happy to have her, as Dakota was a great-granddaughter of "Indy" on her father's side, and on her mother's side, she went back to Melanie's first champion, "Sassi".

"Kota" was perhaps the all-time favorite of Eric Schlaginhaufen, Melanie and Rick's son, as he grew up with her and loved to laugh about how she would behave better for him at home than for Melanie! Dakota had a typical Siberian Husky temperament--very outgoing but a tad on the independent side.  But she was always an easy, fun dog to show, and Patty and Melanie finished her championship, including this win where she took a Best of Breed from the classes, on her way to a Group placement with Patty showing her:

Dakota enjoyed the show ring, but her favorite past time was actually digging, especially after a rain (she could smell and find a tiny bug no matter where it tried to hide, and would dig to China to get it!)  She lived to be 15 1/2, and as you can see from this photo of her in the yard during her elderly years, she was still landscaping even as a geriatric:


We miss you Dakota and we hope there are plenty of grubs to dig and eat in doggie heaven!  Thank you Patty, for sharing Dakota with us.

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