Dec 11

Meet Allie

by guest author Robin Broadway-Tuttle

This is our lovely Allie, Synama's Alice in Wonderland, or as we have lovingly come to call her, "Spider Monkey"!  Allie first came to Jon and me in July 2009.  Patty Powell of Synama Siberians contacted me after she heard we had just lost Marley. A former show dog, Allie had won her class at a National Specialty as a youngster but Patty had decided that as Allie grew up, she was not quite championship quality so she had been placed in a pet home. Allie recently had come back to Patty, so Patty asked if we would be interested in giving her a forever home.

I kept telling myself I wasn't yet ready for another dog. After the heartbreak of losing Marley, hadn't I swore to never to have another? It was just too hard when it came time to lose them, and our only other pet, our Golden mix, Sissy, was 17 and already in her final days. I knew our house would soon be a very lonely place, so I reluctantly gave in and decided to take Allie for the weekend for a trial run.  I could not imagine another Siberian stepping into Marley's shoes.

But Allie had some magic of her own...to be honest, our first look into those beautiful, dark, twinkling, mysterious eyes and it was love at first sight!

Still, the first two weeks were definitely an adjustment period for all of us. We had been used to caring for two senior dogs, aged 16 and 17.  Now, we had suddenly adopted a very energetic and smart two year old, one who also was dealing with a bit of separation anxiety.What had we gotten ourselves into!  Allie's former "parents" were very athletic and had been taking her on five mile daily jogging trips.  Pretty sure that wasn't going to happen at our house!

So we learned to create ways to entertain Allie, plenty of toys, plus long walks around the neighborhood, which by the way, definitely paid off on the day of the "big escape". Not used to being left alone in a home by herself, her very first week with us, Allie decided to maneuver an escape while we were at work. She actually opened the bedroom window (yes it was completely closed) and bolted through the screen!  I have no idea how long she was out, but luckily, she actually stayed in our yard. You cannot imagine how panic stricken and surprised I was to pull into the neighborhood and see Allie standing there in the front yard that afternoon! I was both scared and relieved that nothing had happened to her. As for Allie, she just seemed happy that I was home, and came right in the door with me when I called her. That experience taught us a valuable lesson in crating, if the first type of crate does not work, keep trying, because newcomers can and do manage to escape through doors and windows!

It did not take Allie too long though to realize Jon and I were committed to her and she quickly became attached to us. These days, she loves having to share the bed and attention with her "brother" Garak, and she is always excited to hop in the car to go to a trip to the park, the lake, or even to the beach with us on vacation. As these pictures can attest, these two are a match made for each other, best buddies!

Thank you Patty for bringing this loving sweet girl from Synama into our lives!

Robin Broadway-Tuttle

Note from Melanie:  Adopting a former show dog from an ethical breeder can be a rewarding experience. Typically the dog you adopt will already be leash trained, used to grooming and will be crate-trained. Adopting a rescue dog from a reputable group is another way to give an adult dog a forever home, and we encourage all lovers of this breed to support Siberian Husky rescue groups.

Siberian puppies are a LOT of work, so if you are willing to consider an adult, let us know and we will gladly put you in touch with a rescue group or a reputable breeder who may have the right dog for your family.

For more about Siberians, please visit my Meja Siberians website.


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Comments (4)
  • Sandy Jessop  - Allie

    What a nice home. Allie and Garak look very happy.

  • Marie  - Allie

    Sweet story about what turned out to be a wonderful dog for you! You should write more of these stories -- the words are alive.


  • Robin  - Allie

    Thank you everyone! Allie is a great dog and companion for Garak. They truly love each other!

  • Joni

    Love the article and the photos are great, Robin! :)


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