After mommy helped get Blue's video posted, we were looking at it and remembered that we used to eat some very yummy food from The Honest Kitchen called "Embark". It was made from real turkey (cage free) and mommy got it for us because I had an elderly friend (we miss you Gusto!) who was very picky, plus his system was sensitive so mommy had to be very careful what we ate back then.
i LOVED this food! Mommy has been so busy she forgot about it (Gusto has been gone now for a year or two). BUT I TOLD HER TONIGHT I WANT EMBARK AND ANYTHING ELSE SHE WOULD LIKE TO ORDER ME FROM THE HONEST KITCHEN! I can hardly wait, mommy says I can make my own video or put my picture once I am eating this good food again!
Love, Kate, the Standard Poodle food review queen