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Canadian Multi Colored Poodle Fun

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Canadian Multi-Colored Poodle Fun in 2013!

Wow, what a weekend last weekend (March 16-17, 2013) was for lovers of multi-colored Poodles in Canada!

I am afraid that the Canadians are a bit further along in recognizing these lovely Poodles than we are here in America, where the American Kennel Club still allows multi-colored Poodles to be shown only in performance venues, not in conformation.  Here is a photo of all the multi-colored Poodles and their owners, who showed their dogs in the "unofficial" class that CKC offered last weekend. The unofficial class is a step towards full recognition, just like the miscellaneous class is in AKC.

Priscilla Studdard, who gave me the information for this article, told me to be sure to mention that the Parti poodle community is extremely grateful for the Poodle Club of Canada and The Poodle Club of Ontario for the opportunity to showcase their wonderful Poodles of ALL colors.

Speaking of Priscilla, she had an impressive win with her parti-colored boy, "Rumor" (UKC GRCH J-C Pioneers Sumthin to Tk Bout, CGN) last weekend at the Poodle Club of Canada Ontario's regional specialty, where he won Best Parti Colored in Show.  I thought my readers would enjoy seeing this lovely boy, so Priscilla agreed to share his photo as well.  Isn't Rumor a lovely fellow, despite the fact that I couldn't figure out how to straighten up his photo?

Thank you Priscilla, for permission to share these photos and keep the Poodle lovers who read Knowing Dogs up to date on "colorful" Poodles in Canada! Best wishes in the future!

And I can never mention parti-colored Poodles without mentioning my friend Charlene Dunlap of Canine Horizons, who has 4 of the best trained Poodles in the world. They just happen to be parti-colors, so even though Charlene is not a breeder, she has many articles on her website explaining the history of the breed, and how these colors have been around from the very beginning of Poodles! It was seeing Jyah, the movie star parti-colored Poodle, do all of his amazing tricks and fascinating behaviors that made me fall in love with Poodles of color years ago! And yes, it's true, Charlene's Poodles really are movie stars, you can read more about that as well on her website! See www.caninehorizons.com.

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Comments (7)
  • priscilla

    Jyah was one of the reasons I eneded up going to Sara Gessner for my first parti poodle ( this wonderful boy Rumor) so its funny that you mention Charlene - she more or less pointed me in Sara's direction.

  • Kim

    What a great article. Beautiful dogs!

  • Jeanne Haight

    OMG, Mellie, Rumor is gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the black and white Parti's, especially with the polka dots!!! *G*
    Thank you for sharing!!

  • Melanie S  - Jyah/reply to Priscilla

    Isn't Charlene just the best? If you have and love partis, please consider joining my other blog, www.poodleblogger.com. There is a post on there about a beautiful parti girl I love in CA, as well as a post about my lovely new boy Hudson.
    It is of course free to subscribe. Blogger is a program that can be hard to figure out, but just use the email subscription and it should go right through, It is, of course, free! And I would love to see photos of your dogs, perhaps we could share them sometime on the Poodle blog. My regular email is knowingdogs@gmail.com

  • Melanie S  - Jyah & Charlene

    Hi Priscilla, isn't Charlene wonderful? I just love the amzing work she has done with her Poodles.

    Since you have a parti colored Poodle, I would love for you to join my Poodle blog, www.poodleblogger.com. It is of course, free, and also I welcome cute photos if you would like to show off your dogs on the blog!
    You can reach me vai email at knowingdogs@gmail.com.

  • Shelley  - Love to know names

    Would love to know names of dogs and the owners or handlers.! Anyone know?

  • Melanie S  - names of owners and dogs

    Hi Shelley, do you know Kathy Esio-King? She is the lady on the left in this photo. I bet she would know. If you don't know her, then I can email her later this week and find out. I know she went to Premier last weekend so it may be a week or so before I can reach her. She probably knows everyone in this photo! Here is
    Kathy's website: http://jacknickennel.com/ I would love to have a dog from her some day, she has lovely dogs and seems to be an extremely ethical breeder.

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