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Poodles can be polarizing....people either love them or hate the thought of them. I'm proud to be a Poodle lover, and so is my husband, one of the few general contractors I know who is not ashamed to ride around with a Poodle sitt ing beside him in his pickup truck! REAL MEN ARE NOT AFRAID TO LOVE POODLES. No, he didn't start out that way-- I remember our first Standard Poodle, back in 1989, was kept in a Portuguese Water Dog style haircut for several months. Rick did not want to be seen in the neighborhood walking a "sissy Poodle". So he walked a big brown curly dog instead!

I saw a Far Side cartoon a couple of decades ago that cracked me up . It showed two "regular dogs" on a sidewalk, watching a Poodle in a froo-froo haircut walking with its owner. One dog looked at the other and said something like "I don't know, but I think she may be a member of a weird religious cult". Wonder if it is not just people who don't consider Poodles "real dogs" but perhaps dogs feel the same way?

So many depressing dog rescue situations recently that I decided today's post would just be light, and what could be lighter than looking at Poodles having fun? Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit, Poodles are unique!

Love to read your take on Poodles---why you love them or if, heaven forbid, you don't, tell the world why!


Thanks to the real man, Rick Miles (Poodle photographer extraordinaire) for this photo. Nope, not Rick the hubby, but Rick the Poodle man.  NEWS FLASH - Rick just wrote to tell me that the Poodles in above photo are Sterling (in front) who belongs to Poodle lover Judy Cheron, and   Judy Kessler's Monte in pursuit.  Aren't they lovely?

Feel free to post a Poodle comment!




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Comments (4)
  • Jeanne Haight  - A real man.............

    Would a certain young man let you photograph him with a certain shirt on?
    My take on having Standards for 40 years, is, not only are they smarter than I, (I hate to admit it, but.....) but they have a wonderful, joyful, sense of humor. If you want fun in your life, add a Poodle to your family!!

  • Mary Ann Hayes

    Growing up we had a Cocker Spaniel. He was a good dog, but a dog. As an adult, I got my first Standard on the advice of a friend. I'll never go back. It has been such fun - and they do keep me on my toes, but I would not change a thing.
    And for anyone who thinks they just look good or froo froo, let me say, these dogs can do ANYTHING! Water retrieve, herd, sled work, guard dog, service work, agility, or anything else you ask of them. And they do it with such joy. They fit into a family wonderfully - just don't treat them like a dog!

  • Sylvie Roussel  - singing poodles!

    We got our first dog at my grandfathers funeral. A little 3 month old Toy poodle named Mimi. 12 years of joy. Absolutely heartbroken after she went to the rainbow bridge my Dad cried for six months just looking at other dogs. Mimi knew what he needed was the love of another poodle. Some very strange divine intervention helped us find 2 little guys named Rusty and Kodie. Well for some reason 2 just didn't seem like enough and a year later they were joined by Tina (their baby sister). Now with 2 red toy poodles and 1 apricot the family is complete. They surprise us every day. After Rusty decided last year that he wanted to start singing with my Dad when he plays the harmonica it didn't take long for Kodie and Tina to decide that they could do it too. Now they even ask him to take out his harmonica when they want to sing. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they get a special "singing" treat when they sing. Just looking at my Dad who looks like a very ...

  • Melanie S

    Hi Sylvie - I loved hearing about your Poodles, especially about them singing with your Dad! If you have any photos you would like to share of this, let me know and I will be post it on my new Poodle website, www.poodleblogger.com! You can email me through the Contact Link on this website.

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