May 10

Something Fun for Summer

What could these two Poodles possibly be saying to one another?
Nope, they aren't my two Poodles...they aren't playing in Smith Mountain Lake.  They belong to Poodle photographer Chris L'Abbe - which means these two are in water much further north than Virginia.
Chris sends me photos of Poodles in the field near her house in Topsham, Maine, in the Adirondak Mountains, in Tupper Lake, NY by Lake Placid and Great Pond in Aurora, Maine.
Who knows, they might be chatting about how cold the water is--or perhaps she is saying "of course I know how to dog paddle!"
I'd love to know what caption you'd give this photo - please leave your thoughts in the comments section below - thanks!      
For more photos, visit www.poodleblogger.com!
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Comments (15)
  • rick

    great picture Chris! I like this comment based: of course I know how to dog paddle!

  • Patti Lucas  - Poodles in the Water

    This patch of water feels warm! Did you pee?

  • Anonymous

    What you looking at punk?

  • Melanie  - Patti's warm water comment

    Patti - that cracked me up, now the picture is even funnier!

  • rick

    LOL that is a funny comment

  • sadlers8  - Meeting

    We have to stop meeting like this!

  • Joni  - Poodle Pick-up line

    You remind me of a magnet, because you sure did attract me over here!

  • Joni  - Poodle Pick-up Line #2

    What is the name of your perfume? "Catch of the Day?"

  • Joni  - Poodle Pick-up Line # 3

    I'm sorry, were you talking to me? (No.) Well then, please start.

  • Joni  - Poodle Pick-Up Line #4

    "Do you mind if I stare at you up close instead of from across the lake?"

  • Joni  - Poodle Pick-Up Lines

    OK, I admit it...I got all those from a Pick-Up Line Website. lol

  • Joni  - Poodle conversation

    Oh, Hazel, I just love the new hairdo! Can I have the name of your groomer?

  • Melanie S  - Joni's Poodle Pickup lines

    Joni, these are too cute! But I have to ask, curious minds want to know...how did you know about Pick Up Line websites?

  • deb

    I say, do you have any Grey Poupon?

  • Anonymous

    Nessie,don't you think the loch is partaiculary cold this season?

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