Sep 10

Help if you Can!

Bedford Virginia Rescue 9/28/10 Update

Yes, I know I am rather shameless - often out "begging" but guys, this is for a very good cause, look at the faces of these dogs and cats and your heart will understand why I needed to share their plight with you. 

Below is an update about the hoarder case (an individual had over 100 animals in a double wide trailer).  The animals are now safe with our friends at Angels of Assisi in Roanoke - but it takes a village, so please donate if you can (see link below for their Paypal, remember, if you and your friends donated just $5 each, it would all add up to help cover the medical care for these animals who so deserve the very best now that they have made it safely to Assisi.)  Often I can donate $50 or $100, but when I cannot, I go ahead and send $5 or $10, because I know, from having been on the front lines, that it all helps, it adds up.  So please do what you can - thanks!  Melanie
From Lisa O'Neill at Angels of Assisi:
At this time, staff and volunteers have are going about the business of taking care of 103 new residents at Angels of Assisi. Please click here, here, here and here for the news stories.

We need and appreciate your support. Donations for medical care are at the top of the list, please click here to help. We also need towels and volunteers for cleaning.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers for helping yesterday...

Deb and Bobbie, thank you for working a 17 hour day with a smile on your faces. Dr. Shelley and Dr. Emily, thank you for staying at the clinic until 10:30 pm last night, and for the all the hours you will put in this week.

Bo, Tammy, Logan, Brittany, Amber- thank you for staying well into the night cleaning and feeding. Rick and Sarah, we always know you will show up in our time of need, thank you. Dr. Farrell- you came intending to meet some old friends for lunch during your vacation, and ended up working a 10 hour day; we loved having you back in the clinic.

Bo, Zack, Tim, you'll have 10 times the workload for a while, and we know you had a full one already. Thank you.

Norm and Barb Mason are the founders of Angels of Assisi, and they never waiver when are we asked to help with a rescue. They are beyond doubt a voice for those who can't speak.

Soon our 15 minutes of fame will be over, but the incredible workload of caring for 102 animals will continue. Take a look at some of them below, and you'll see why it's all worthwhile.

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Comments (2)
  • Kristen

    We had already planned a yard sale for this coming weekend and now hope to give a nice piece of the proceeds to Angels for the Biscuit Fund to help out. Mentioning this to the kids got them much more motivated to go through their rooms and find stuff to sell also. :-)

  • Melanie S  - thank you

    Thanks so much Kristen!

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