Oct 10

I grieved your dog today

I grieved your dog today. I left early this morning, and saw him just before I passed the bank. He must have been hit not long before I saw him, as his little body was still intact, looking almost as if a sweet little Beagle soul had simply laid down to sleep in the middle of the right hand lane.

Did anyone tell you that I stopped and tried to catch him a few weeks ago?  He was running in and out of traffic, and there was a middle aged lady on the side of the road. I pulled into the bank, got out and asked if they were her dogs (he had a buddy with him that day).  She said no, but the Beagle belonged to her son.  Said he rarely left the yard unless another dog came along.  After the dogs finally moved off the road, she shooed them down a long driveway and followed them home.  To your home, I guess?

Why didn't you protect this little fellow?  Yes, I know you live in a county that does not have a leash law.  I know it is not illegal to allow your dog to run loose.  It is not illegal to let it cause a traffic accident. It is not illegal to let your irresponsible actions cause children's hearts to be broken, when they look out their school bus window and see dogs that were frolicking yesterday, laying dead today on the road.

It is not illegal, but it should be.  Even the smartest dog does not have the reasoning ability beyond that of a two year old toddler.  Could you legally throw your toddler outside to fend for themselves?  To allow them to play in the highway?

I'm tired of grieving.  So tired that I often wish I had not moved to this area of the country...the beautiful area of Virginia where I can see the mountains from my bedroom window, and enjoy the shimmer of sunlight on the lake as the sun comes up. I longed to move here, but once here, I sometimes find myself longing to be back in the land of leashes and responsibility, even if the scenery is mostly black pavement and manicured lawns.  There is beauty here, but it comes with so much death and suffering.

Yes, I know that accidents happen.  Not every pet killed on the road is there because someone did not care. But here, in the Smith Mountain lake area of Virginia, often the reason for these tragedies is simply because the pet's owner did not believe in "keeping up" his pet.  Just days after losing one pet, they often come to adoption fairs and want to adopt another dog because the last one was "too stupid to stay out of the road". 

God gave us pets to love and protect.  If you cannot accept that a companion animal needs our protection, please don't bother to have one.  Their lives are precious to many of us, who do not want to have to grieve needless losses caused by your neglect.


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  • Marsha Rogers  - dogs running loose

    I live in Randolph County in NC and it is very beautiful here too. There are leash laws here, but ALOT of people don't abide by them. I can't even walk my dogs on the roads here because there are too many stray dogs that I don't know or trust, I have to take mine to a park where dogs must be on leashes. Some people move out here from the city and say they have moved to the country to let their dogs run free. Do they realize that not everyone out here wants someone elses dog, digging up their yards, pooping in their yards. etc. And then there are the ones that you see dead on the road. I had a similar experience to Melanie's. One day I was going somewhere and I spotted a beagle running down the side of the road. I wanted to stop and pick it up, but knew my hubby would blow a gasket if I brought home another dog. Anyway, the next day I went down the same road and saw the little beagle dead on the side of the road. I wish I had picked it up before it got killed. I wish whomever...

  • Melanie S  - dogs running loose

    That is so sad Marsha...I have had that experience too. I saw a Spaniel mix one day and did not pick it up, and the next day saw it dead on the side of the road very near where I had seen it.
    Just yesterday we saw a red Chow mix, whose owner has let it run loose for several months, dead on the side of our road. I cried and cried. This is a dog that I had picked up and taken home, put out a "found" sign and his owner came to get him. This was just after they moved here.
    It really should be illegal everywhere to let a dog run loose. A dog has no more ability to reason than a 2 year old toddler, so they cannot fend for themselves.

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