Oct 10

A Very Special Golden Girl

The photo of the running Golden on the rotating header of our blog is of Kasey Kelley.  We recently received this note from her Dad, and he gave us permission to share memories of Kasey with our readers.  She was a very, very special therapy dog that brought happiness to many people.    Melanie

Melanie & Rick,

Thank you for your card.  Kasey passed away at home during Sunday night.  We knew that she was having a problem because her breathing became very labored.  We went for a walk Sunday afternoon, we went about 100 yards, and she wanted to go home.  I don't think she suffered, but the vet said that she had several tumors on her lungs. I did go down to see her in the kitchen late in the evening, and she raised her head (to be petted under her chin) and waved her tail to kind of tell me, I think, "thank you for everything, we did have fun, and now it time to go on".

She made almost 250 pet visits, so she impacted close to 2,000 people. Pam, Elka, Kasey and I made visits together for about 8 years.  Elka and Kasey were great friends.  Thanks for having Kasey's picture on your web site - the energy she shows in the picture she carried her whole life.

All of her good work started at your place at the CGC classes you held, then on to fly ball (she didn't like to run to the ball, she thought that was silly), then agility, all the while she was visiting. She has a sister, 3 years old, who I have been training to be a therapy dog, and I'm going to have her tested in December.  She is an active Golden who loves everybody.  Every day is an adventure with her-  she previously passed 19 of the steps out of 20 on the test, but didn't sit and stay while I walked away.  She was afraid she might
miss something!



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Comments (5)
  • Pam Gaynor

    What a beautiful letter fitting a beautiful dog. Elka and I feel it an honor to have known Kasey and to have shared so many wonderful memories "Visiting" with her. She is truly missed and we loved her too.

  • Pamela Christian

    Kasey was an amazingly loving dog. I feel very blessed to have been able to spend time with her on a weekly basis for several years. She was always the hit of the class as her kindness shone through in everything she did.

    This is a definite loss, not only to her friends and family, but also to those she visited on a weekly basis.

    We love you and will miss you Kasey. And my heart goes out to you Pat - I am so sorry for your loss. I know you will miss her head coming up to your hand for her gentle way of demanding attention.


  • fran mckinney

    I am sorry to hear about Kasey and I personally know how you feel about loosing such a dear friend and loving companion. When I lost my Daisy a few years ago i did not leave the house for three days. Just remember to focus on the fun times like when she was a puppy and chewed everything in site or the bad breath and all the puppy kisses!!! You will have lots of memories to draw on from the past several years.and I am sure you will find many blessings to help you through this. Wish I was with you two to give you both a big SC hug... Wishing you lots of love and happines your Heritiage friend and mutal dog lover..Fran

  • Rick  - Kasey

    Pat, we were really sorry to hear that Kasey is gone. But I was glad to hear from Melanie about Abby and we will look forward to hearing about the fun you will have with her. Melanie really misses her dog training friends from Bed & Biscuit, especially folks like you and Pam Gaynor. Best regards, Rick S.

  • Lisa  - Kasey

    Kasey was an amazing dog bringing a special gift of love and acceptance to all whom she met. I, as well as patients and staff have been touched by her gentle nature and giving spirit. Pat, you were a terrific team and I know she was proud to serve as your partner. Lisa, member,Kasey's Fan Club :-)

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