Nov 10

Draw The Dog!

Bruce Kasanoff is the type of person who will cross Sixth Avenue at rush hour to say hi to a dog.

His friend, Jim George, is a former Disney animator who loves to draw but who stopped drawing for five years because he grew tired of having studio executives change his stories and characters.

In their wildest dreams, Kasanoff wanted to earn a living working with dogs – instead of just consulting to big companies – and George wanted to draw a comic strip. One thing led to another, and five months ago the pair started
DrawtheDog.com, where funny dog cartoons appear to draw themselves.

George explains, “Bruce and I were working on a really complicated book about dogs, and other ideas about dogs started pouring into my brain… But they were in comic strip format. I realized we could simply post one of these per day on the web and reach an audience directly.”

George has long been pondering the idea of cartoons that draw themselves. “I’ve been experimenting with various techniques for years,” he says, “The trick is to make a very difficult process look easy and fun.”

Most Draw the Dog cartoons are inspired by real dogs. George creates the cartoons based on stories dog owners submit through the Make Your Dog Famous page on their site.

Kasanoff says, “Jim draws and I do everything else. This works out perfectly, since I can’t draw and Jim doesn’t want to do anything else. My main role is to reach out to dog owners and encourage them to submit stories that will inspire Jim to create more cartoons. The more stories, the better Jim’s cartoons.”

Draw the Dog captures the joy, chaos, love and goofiness of living with dogs. Its cartoons chronicle Great Danes who let themselves onto a roof, Labs who will do anything to crawl into your lap (”‘Lap’ is ‘Pal spelled backwards” says one caption), and a Doberman who figured out that a treadmill makes the perfect tool for flinging tennis balls into the air.

Every cartoon is inspired by photos people send of their own dogs, so please share funny and heartwarming photos of your dogs by emailing them to Jim and Bruce at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Many thanks to Chris L'Abbe, one of my photographer friends who contributes often to this blog, for letting me know about www.drawthedog.com.

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Comments (18)
  • Chris L'Abbé  - Draw the Dog

    Draw the Dog website always makes me smile. :) Great pictures sent in and an amazing job by Bruce to really capture the fun nature of the dogs. What a wonderful idea~thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  • Jeanne Haight

    I LOVE this concept........it's brilliant. Come on, Poodle people. How many times have we laughed hysterically at stories you've posted. Let's watch them come to life!!!!

  • Nora  - love this!

    Love this! Hope the Great Dane Rescue can win the print as they help promote Draw the Dog!

  • Joe P  - Draw The Dog

    Awesome!!! Thanx forsomething to look foward to!!!

  • Dorothy Bartlett-Svehla  - Great idea

    Wonderful idea - I know our dogs are often just cartoons come to life!

  • Kathi

    Love it! These are great!

  • DIane

    OH these are simply precious!!! Great job

  • pat Putnam


  • Martina  - Glad to help!

    No dogs live here (eight cats), but we like all critturs.

  • Carol S

    How fantastic to have a job you love and to be able to work with and about dogs!

  • Amber

    Very cute! Anyone with a dog can appreciate this!

  • laura

    This is an exciting concept, and very fun. Dogs are an inspiration for us human beings. Chris L'Abbe is a great friend to dogs and a wonderful photographer.

  • Suzanne Miles  - What fun!

    What a fun thing to watch!

  • janvier25

    These are great - and I'm not even a dog person.

  • Linda

    Love it, love it, love it!! Thanks!

  • Brandy

    Yeah!! Doggies!!

  • Joni


  • Hanna

    When First Starting Out Choosing cartoons to draw when you are first starting out can sometimes be a little more complicated than you would first think.

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