Dec 10

We have Angels in Virginia

There are angels in Roanoke, Virginia. It's true, I'm not kidding. Somehow these angels continually get word to Angels of Assisi about animals in need, and soon more angels (in people bodies) are dispatched to help. Here is a recent incident,  relayed from guest blogger Lisa O'Neill of Angels of Assisi:

It's About the People Too...

We got word from a friend about a man living at the homeless shelter in Roanoke. He recently lost his house, and refused to leave his 2 dogs behind, or take them to the pound. The shelter would not let him have the dogs inside, so he housed them in his car overnight. And it's getting cold.

A few phone calls and a lot of follow up from our friend Jamie resulted in this man coming to Angels of Assisi tonight. His name is Dave and we discussed an agreement- Angels of Assisi will provide housing, shots, and food for his dogs, and Dave will walk them and keep their kennel clean. After Dave requested we throw in a box of Milk Bones too, a deal was made.

Dave spent a long time acclimating his dogs to the new smells, sights and sounds at Assisi. He asked if they could be housed together so they would feel safe. He brought in their blanket from the car so they would have a familiar smell. He wrote down their names for us- Zeb and Twinkle.

Twinkle's sweater was too small, and has certainly seen better days. But Dave was doing what he could to keep her warm.

Neither dog had a proper leash, but Dave has been keeping them safe around the city and in and out of the car each night.

After the dogs got situated and Dave went back to the shelter, we were all overwhelmed with the lengths he has gone to keep his family intact. Dave, Zeb, and Twinkle.

Even more overwhelming is the fact that Angels of Assisi has the foundation of strong volunteers and supporters to help people like Dave through a tough patch in life. Tomorrow, Zeb and Twinkle will get new collars, leashes, and a sweater. They will get a bath and any necessary shots. Dave will have peace of mind. And because of caring people, this little family has shelter from the cold. Thank you.

From Melanie - thank you, Lisa and Angels of Assisi, for caring, for showing love, for helping Dave at this special time of year. It takes time, it takes money, it takes volunteers...many thanks to those of you who will remember the angels of Roanoke with your Christmas donations this year. Be sure to visit www.angelsofassisi.org.

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