Jun 13

Poodles here soon!

Please be patient, Poodle friends!  Siberians are dominant dogs, and I am having a bit of trouble moving all of our articles from the Poodle Blog we formerly owned, over to this link on our Knowing Dogs blog.  We will get there, with a little help from our Friends!!!

This is a small example of some of the adorable Poodle photos you will be able to enjoy, once we get the changes made. This is Jyah Dunlap, helping his Mom iron clothes!  You can find lots of wonderful articles and videos about Poodles and all of the wonderful work Charlene and Dunlap have done with their multi-colored Poodles on

Siberian lovers, don't worry, we will be moving Siberian Husky information over to a Meja Siberians website.  Thanks for your patience!!!     Melanie


Meja Siberians

Meja Siberians was established in 1980, and although we have not bred Siberians since the mid-80s, we still dearly love this breed of dog. Almost always there is at least one rescue dog, rehome or show dog living with us.  At this time, we co-ownAKC champion Synama's Dare to Dream who is often seen in the show ring with his breeders, our long term friends Patty Powell and Betty Mitchell.

Photos of Dare coming soon, as well as pictures of our newest addition, Canadian Ch. Snowmist's Winter Promise, who has arrived as a companion for Dare (not a girlfriend, she is spayed, we are not breeders!) and to be trained for therapy dog work.

In addition, we have our beloved "Ewok", my son's Siberian who was a rehome from Marie Kraus of Royal Star Siberians. Many times show breeders have lovely dogs available to pet homes simply because some tiny thing did not turn out as far as them being a show dog.  Ewok was about two years old I think when we got her, and is now ten and still growing strong!

The dog featured below is "Ozzie", who is one of the most beautiful dog we ever had the privilege to co-own and show in the AKC breed ring, thanks to our friend Michele Szczepanski.  You can find photos of Oz and many other lovely dogs we have owned through the years on our separate Siberian website and blog, just click here on MEJA SIBERIANS.

Warning!  This breed of dog is NOT for everyone.  They are absolutely, 100% maximum security dogs, meaning that they must not be allowed to run loose EVER. You cannot take the run out of a sled dog!   If he is not completely trained and inside an agility ring or exercising in a six foot high fenced yard, then he or she should be on leash!

The biggest misconception about the breed, however, is that they are not "smart".  As a long time dog trainer, I can confirm that they are EXTREMELY smart, as far as picking up and quickly learning new things.  There is a huge difference in being "independent" and being "dumb".  They were bred to work, to pull sleds at moderate speeds, over extremely long distances. They have incredible endurance.  You must understand Northern breeds, how to bond with them and how to house them appropriately for safety reasons--plus be willing to spend a lot of time brushing every spring and summer, to be a good Siberian owner!

Again, please visit us at the MEJA website for more information.

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